Vietnam is one of the nations with highest level of pollution in the world

Environmental quality in Vietnam is worsening each year in comparison with other countries in the world, according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) compiled by global environmental centers.
The survey is conducted by scientists from the environmental research center of and Columbia University in the US and the European Union. This study has been carried out in 132 countries for many years.
In terms of general environmental index, Vietnam ranks 79th - near the bottom of the list of moderate group. With specific details, Vietnam has very bad data, including air quality for human health, water and environmental burden of disease.

Warning level
Vietnam is one of the ten countries with the worst air quality in the world, ranking 123rd. The air pollution forecast will continue to worsen in the near future and its rank may fall to 125th position according to the EPI's survey.
Smoke and dust emitted by vehicles are the main factors worsening air quality in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
The next factor to consider is water. Although water and river management have been improved over the past decade, Vietnam's water quality ranks 80th in the world according to EPI.
A survey published by the Vietnamese government in 2010 shows that only 40% of the rural population has access to clean water.
In addition, there is a decline in natural resources of seafood in Vietnam.
Doctor. Le Huy Ba, Director of the Institute for Environmental and Technological Management, said that the environmental management in Vietnam is worse than that in the report because of the lack of information on land quality. .

He adds that migration trends from rural to urban areas are also creating risks and degrading environmental quality.

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