Is everybody in your location coughing, having headaches, loss of concentration? Make the air safe TODAY in any school, office, fitness center, medical office, or any location. And, you can try it for FREE, but only if you act NOW for a limited time only!

Actual size: 13 × 7 × 5 cm

Puritrak Outdoor

Our newest technology!


  • Professional outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Real-time PM 1, 2.5, + 10 detecting
  • Temperature and humidity reading
  • Weatherproof, compact
  • Line or solar powered
  • 2-years maintenance free

Puritrak Indoor

Know the air quality in every room.


  • Professional indoor air quality monitoring
  • Our newest technology
  • Real-time PM-1, -2.5, and 10 detection*
  • Color indicator
  • Mobile app remote control
  • Auto-controls many air purifiers
  • 2-years maintenance-free

Actual size: 13 × 7 × 5 cm


Three different sizes to suit any location.


  • Powerfully cleans indoor air
  • Mobile app remote control
  • HEPA H13 certified
  • 15x more efficient than consumer brands
  • Traps particles of 2.5 microns, PM2.5
  • UV light enable
  • High density iOnizer
  • Neutralizes odors

AS488v4 - Home-use AP 

Our 2019 model featured with high-grade functions of decent air purifiers


  • Maximum protection with 7 stages of filters
  • Highest HEPA filter in consumer product line (Hepa H13)
  • UV light enable
  • High density iOnizer
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Humidifier function for combination with air-conditioning
  • High sensitive PM sensor
  • AQ index (EPA standard) display


Certified clean air increases productivity, protects equipment and merchandise.  For schools, medical offices, fitness centers, offices, retail shops, hotels, and prosumer use.

Gets rid of the unsafe air in your business.

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Air Man
World’s first air quality superhero!

  • Real-time air quality reporting in your location*
  • Learn how to protect yourself from pollution
  • Explore the directory of Clean Air Places**

* works in Hanoi, Vietnam; nominate your city here

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