Spending $1 to prevent exposure to pollution, gets $10 back in health savings, research

Air pollution is a deadly silent killer. But, did you know investing in preventing exposure to it has a 2x, even 9x return on investment? Here’s how it works.

Let’s say we invest in an improved cooking stove to dispel smoke out of our house. If we invested at a population-level, according to the study, “it will save almost half a million deaths each year, and avoid 2.5 billion disease days. For every dollar spent we do $10 worth of good.” For details, check the Air Pollution Assessment.


Read this and other research related to health and development, including pollution at the site Post-2015 Consensus Smarter goals for 2030, from The Copenhagen Consensus Center is partially funded by the New Venture Fund (US public charity), the Department for International Development (UK Government), and the Australia Consensus Centre (Australian Government). The Copenhagen Consensus Center is acknowledged as a top global and environmental think tank. It campaigns for evidence-based prioritization of cost effective solutions to the biggest challenges at global and regional level.


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