Puritrak Outdoor

  • Outdoor air quality readings
  • Rugged, weather resistant
  • Line or solar powered
  • Wi-Fi or GSM networked
  • Links to Puritrak mobile app

Puritrak Indoor

  • Indoor air quality readings
  • Compact size
  • Visually see air quality with color
  • Wi-Fi networked
  • Auto-control Puritrak AirSen Purifers

Puritrak AirSen

  • Indoor air purification for business
  • Auto-controlled by Puritrak Indoor monitor
  • Solutions for rooms of all sizes
  • Improve health: reduces absenteeism
  • Maximize comfort: increases visitors
  • High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) certified filtration (5 times more effective than consumer brands)
  • Traps harmful particulate matter (PM2.5)
  • Pre-filter traps dust and pollen
  • Activated carbon neutralizes odors
  • Ionizer keeps rooms dust-free
  • UV-C reduces viruses and bacteria

Purified air protects people, equipment, and merchandise. Increase productivity and retention at your school, clinic, hospital, gym, office, home, retail, or hospitality facility.

Puritrak story

Aaron Everhart moved from California to Asia in 2005.  One evening, his lungs almost failed. Aaron was rushed to the hospital. Looking at a chest x-ray, the ER physician noted an obstructive pulmonary issue. At 35 years-old, it seemed impossible! In the end, he had pneumonia, but it was complicated by pollution. Polluted air was dramatically impacting Aaron's lung capacity.

This near-death experience motivated him to learn more about the impact of indoor air quality and pollution on health. After the research, he collected a team of experts. Together they invented the world's first IoT outdoor / indoor air quality monitoring and indoor air purification solution and named it Puritrak.

To help you know your local air quality and how to protect yourself, Puritrak developed the air quality map called Air Man, with a protection products marketplace, and a directory of Clean Air Places to live, work and play.

What people are saying about Puritrak

Our office is clean now. Myself and a other staff had chronic bronchitis. We feel better with fewer symptoms after getting Puritrak.

Ms. Hong
Director, College Scout Company, Hanoi

It surprised us! Puritrak's monitor showed the office air was worse than the street air! The decision to get Puritrak was easy.

Mr. Tuan
General Manager, Travel Company, Hanoi

Our 11-month-old child was itching his nose day and night. This ended immediately after we got Puritrak in all the rooms in our home.

Prosumer Homeowner

VinHomes Riverside, Hanoi

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