Puritrak: all about our new name!

Environmental Protection Solution JSC is growing, and to better reflect our mission, we changed our name to “Puritrak”.

We’re proud of our new name as it is clear and suggests our commitment to pure air quality, joined with automatic tracking nature of our unique technology.


And, we’re evolving Airman, to be “Air Man”, the Air Quality Hero who reports outdoor air quality on a map.


What you need to know.

  • The company is the same, we’re only changing our product and service brand identity
  • Old emails still will work for a while, but from now, kindly use our new email
  • Airman the company is now “Puritrak”, but we keep “Air Man” as a name for a new AQ map app.
  • We still offer free testing, and in select locations, we’re offering free Outdoor Monitor placement, to enquire, register on our new website, puritrak.vn.


Puritrak Story

You know the pollution problem? It affects outdoor and indoor air, causing productivity and health problems. Puritrak systems monitor outdoor and indoor air quality, and automatically purify indoor air in any size room. Puritrak also is the creator of Air Man, the AQ Hero, who reports outdoor air quality at the district-level, a protection product marketplace, and a directory of Clean Air Places to live, work, and play.



  1. Puritrak Outdoor Monitors – rugged weatherproof and compact outdoor air quality monitors
  2. Puritrak Indoor Monitors – compact air quality monitors that automatically control Puritrak and other air purifiers
  3. Puritrak PuriClean Automatic Air Purifiers – a line of powerful, efficient indoor air purifiers
  4. Puritrak Filter – certified HEPA, Activated Carbon, Pre-Filter for Puritrak and other air purifiers via direct sales or subscription
  5. Air Man App: AQ Report / Marketplace / Directory – a public service web and mobile app of Puritrak, available now at http://aqi.vn.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact anyone at Puritrak, we’ll be glad to hear from you!

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