Puritrak’s #1 Job

Puritrak indoor and outdoor monitors detect PM2.5 airborne concentrations, and at the same time, Puritrak cleaners effectively and automatically clean your indoor air.

A different choice

Puritrak means you never worry about filter changes or on/off switches. Our equipment is automatic. And only with Puritrak, can your indoor air quality commitment can be certified by Puritrak, and shared with your customers.


FREE Outdoor / Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Trial

If you’re still not sure, we will install  free trial monitoring at your location. Try our system, use our app, and learn about the air quality in your own facility. 

FREE Indoor Air Purification Trial

If our tests show that you need to maintain your indoor air quality to get it to safe levels, we’ll also let you try Puritrak air purifiers so you can experience clean air for yourself. If you decide to keep our equipment, we’ll gladly add you to the Clean Air Places directory.

Automate, maintain, and join Clean Air Places

Puritrak Monitors can control some manufacturers’ purifiers, so your indoor air quality is maintained at safe levels. If we monitor your air, and maintain your equipment, you can confidently share our independent results to your staff and customers, plus you’ll be eligible to join our Clean Air Places directory.

Replacement Filter Subscriptions

Puritrak Filters are 100% certified HEPA replacements, and lower-cost replacements compared to most manufacturers original filters. Save even more with a subscription.

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