Puritrak awarded Met One Instruments certification

Grants Pass, Oregon, 3 May 2018 — Puritrak today was awarded certification of full competency in servicing the scientific air quality testing equipment, BAM 1020, BAM 1022, manufactured by Met One Instruments. Puritrak representative, Mr. Sam Do, received the training on-site at the Oregon, USA headquarters of Met One.

The BAM 1020 is the standard air quality monitor at US Embassies, including Hanoi, Vietnam. The US Department of State is required to take every reasonable action to protect the health of its employees, worldwide. For this reason, State monitors outdoor air quality so employees can protect themselves. The data is made public, for the benefit of city dwellers in embassy locations. State also installs air purification equipment in workplaces and homes of State employees.

Sam also received the advanced training in E-FRM, a single channel particulate sampler approved as a US-EPA reference method for PM2.5, PM10 and PM10-2.5. With this and the BAM-series competency, Puritrak is now certified to perform maintenance on industry-leading scientific equipment.


Puritrak is in the business of outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring and indoor air purification machines for business and prosumers that are 15x more efficient than consumer-type equipment. For more information visit puritrak.vn.



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