Clean Air Places

Would your business benefit?

Education and Childcare

Children are most sensitive to the effects of pollution — and every breath they take deserves to be clean air. The development of our children is essential to the future of life on Earth.


Clean air is absolutely necessary to the speedy recovery and rehabilitation of patients in hospitals and clinics everywhere. Moreover, these locations — as well as cosmetics and beauty centers — are expected to have sanitized surfaces, a feat much easier if your air is clean

Sports and Fitness

Working out while inhaling smoky air is a very bad idea! Rather than improving health, you’ll be speeding up deterioration of your body and mind. Yoga centers, gyms, pilates, dance studios, and every exercise room provider owe it to clients to supply pure, clean air for every workout session.

Retail and Commercial

You’ve spent millions on merchandise. Don’t let carbon and grey dust destroy it so you have to discount it — or worse, throw it out! Puritrak systems remove airborne pollution that damages the shelf life of merchandise.

Offices &
Coworking Spaces

Keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive with clean air in a fresh working environment. In fact, studies show that your employees will get a 14% productivity increase by offering purified air in the workspace.

Home and Community

You spend hours sleeping in your bedroom each night — even more time than in other rooms in your home with friends and family. Many people are suffering from nasal congestion, insomnia, or other conditions — all easily preventable by breathing fresh, purified air.