Office and Coworking
Attract and keep customers coming back

You want more customers?

When they walk in the door, they'll notice the difference. That dull, heavy, eye-sting. Sharp headaches. Feelings of dizziness. Itchy nose. Dull hair. Damaged skin. All easily eliminated by monitoring and purifying indoor air.

You want more productivity?

Productivity falls 6% when air quality is poor, studies have shown. Staff, students, and customers are suffering as a result. They get headaches, eye strain, skin problems, chronic cough, and stuffy noses. Air pollution is hurting people you care about.

You want a cleaner office?

Air pollution gets dust on everything. Assets like furniture, equipment and merchandise are aging faster as a result. You also have to hire people to mop and wipe every day. Clean air dramatically lowers surface cleaning efforts. Air pollution is hurting your business.

The air pollution solution

Puritrak removes pollution, dust, bacteria, and viruses from the air through an integrated system of outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring that works with automatic, high-efficiency air purifiers. Puritrak keeps indoor air both safe and clean so your employees and clients are healthy, happy, and productive!

10 reasons to get Puritrak today

  1. PROTECT YOURSELF and your staff, clients, students
  3. KEEP CLEAN: no more daily, "wet cloth" surface wipe
  4. SAVE MONEY spent on cleaning
  5. PROTECT electronic equipment and merchandise
  6. DIFFERENTIATE from competitors
  7. PRODUCTIVITY increased by 6%, studies have show
  8. ABSENTEEISM caused by pollution reduce
  9. RETENTION: people prefer to be in clean air
  10. Because YOU CARE!

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